Remarkable moments in my medical and scientific career

Viagem de aperfeiçoamento para Alemanha

Improvement trip, Germany — 2018

14-day immersion in lower extremity reconstruction surgeries. Anterior replacement surgery, minimally invasive techniques, alternative access points. University of Giessen also known as Justus Liebig. We traveled with orthopedists from all over the world and it was great to exchange experiences.

Fresh cadaver laboratory, Mexico City (left) and Chicago (right) — 2016

Cadaver laboratories use cadavers for hands-on training, improvement, and development of new surgical techniques. With correct preparation, the skin and tissues remain the same, providing a real life-like experience. That is an ideal environment for testing and developing skills with colleagues from all over the world. These are tiring trips, but very productive.

Launching, Ortho Constellation Knee Arthroplasty Training Course — 2021

In October 2021, we launched the Advanced Knee Arthroplasty Course in Rio de Janeiro. It was a very intense course, of the highest level with a fresh cadaver and a life-like simulation of surgery. Computer navigation, high complexity surgeries, use of wedges and bone defects.


Lecture, Brazilian Congress of the Brazilian Society of Arthroscopy and Sports Traumatology (SBRATE) — 2021

I talked about tibial fractures and the main reconstruction techniques and accelerated rehabilitation. The theme is very popular due to recent injuries in MMA athletes. It was great to see friends again, a very high-level event with great speakers from Rio de Janeiro and other states.

Debater in a roundtable discussion — Brazilian Congress of Orthopedics and Traumatology (CBOT), Goiânia — 2017

It was an extremely challenging group discussion. We exchanged experiences and discussed treatment options and reconstruction techniques for hip and acetabular fractures. An area where the injury can be very serious, requiring great expertise from the surgeon for a satisfactory result. The debaters were great, experienced and the discussion was very interesting. For orthopedists, the Brazilian Congress is a special moment where we get to learn and also teach. We meet old friends and exchange experiences.

Health talk — Talking about corporate health — 2021

A great event in Rio de Janeiro with great entrepreneurs and health managers in Brazil. I talked about the patient-centered model of healthcare and management techniques focused on grace and leadership as a basis for demanding results. The performance of a team is based on collective motivation under an agile and inspiring model of leadership. It's not an easy feat. We can teach you.

Podcast #1 — Gerson Hayashi and Daniel Ramallo (Integral Health Educ Channel)

This episode, hosted and moderated by Dr Angelo Ferrari, features outstanding medical professionals based in Rio de Janeiro: Dr Gerson Hayashi (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon) and Dr Daniel Ramallo (Orthopedist). Both bring a contemporary discussion about the transformation of teaching during the pandemic.

Coordinating a Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery Course for leading specialists in the state of RJ

Realistic experience with the use of fresh cadavers, using the most advanced techniques. A Saturday filled with a lot of science and high-level medical training.

About Dr. Ramallo

Dr. Daniel Ramallo dreamed of becoming a doctor since childhood. A dream that required dedication, abdication, and effort. He devoted himself to his studies to best serve his patients with state-of-the-art care in a highly personal, comprehensive and compassionate manner.

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